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Taboo Tibetan Mastiffs

Welcome to Taboo Tibetan Mastiffs home of the 2012 Eukanuba National Championship Best of Breed Tibetan Mastiff.
I am Brenda Lott and along with my husband, Mark Lott, invite you to enter the realm of the magnificent Tibetan Mastiff. At Taboo Tibetan Mastiffs we maintain a relatively small number of dogs.
Our dogs are from the finest lines in the world and are either currently showing or retired from illustrious show careers. Our foundation dogs are all AKC titled and have current OFA hip/elbow scores on record. Each one of our beloved Tibetan Mastiffs have good temperaments and sound dispositions typical of the breed - they are aloof with strangers and protective of their home and their people. They can be elegant and dignified or incredibly funny and playful depending upon their whim. Again, we recommend a Tibetan Mastiff for homes with prior experience in working breeds only. A large yard with a solid 6' fence on all sides is required as well as the commitment to allow your dog full access to your home. This is not a breed that benefits from being cast into the yard to live a solitary life. A Tibetan Mastiff MUST BE a full member of the family.

We will not be producing puppies until Fall 2013 at our kennel, although our Male dogs are available for Stud Serivce to approved bitches and our Leo is a proven stud. Mark and I are happy to direct you to other kennels in the interim which have fully earned our confidence

Please take a moment to meet the wonderful Tibetan Mastiffs of Taboo
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